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  • Por William Hernández F.
  • noviembre 11, 2007

November is the month. Still without being requested by any of the companies I have applied for. Feeling despair, anguish. I recently asked to my friend Clau if it's difficult to get a place for a practice for a "typical" PUC Industrial Engineering student... She said that it's somewhat easy get it. After that, I came across a new dilemma. Applying for a few practice offers I like -normal procedure- or applying for a lot of offers -'desperate' procedure-?

My practice-searching odyssey even inspired one of my podcast's episodes. Give a listen if you understand spanish. Recently I published the 12th episode: "loneliness". Personal opinions, a brief analysis and hints to overcome that unpleasant feeling. Although it was a dilemma to decide between loneliness and death for the definitive topic, I finally chose loneliness. It's still very difficult to me to talk about death.

My dad had an accident on the bycicle recently. Today I went to visit him at the hospital. He's better now. One sad fear less to think about.

I hope I can stop thinking about those sad things soon. I hope that any of that companies I applied for a professional practice finally says hello.

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