My first job interview

  • Por Canal Preto
  • noviembre 14, 2007

- original photo by Milica Sekulic -

A few hours ago, I received a call from Salfacorp inviting me to a job interview tomorrow at 11 a.m. It's the first company that have called back to me. I hope that won't be the only company that calls me back. Of course, my main desire for tomorrow is not to be forced to talk in english. I'm not prepared yet. My autodidact efforts are not enough, I feel.

I'll post here about my interview tomorrow. I promiss. As usual, wish me luck.

The interview was done exactly at the scheduled time. It was quite far from perfect, but my words were sincere and honest. I hope they value that. As a practice for future interviews, it was good. In this sense, it wasn't misspent time.


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4 comentan

  1. Good idea of writing in english. It sure comes in as good practice. Good luck finding a job.

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for your comment!!!
    In relation to your post, the feelings you described are both, common and normal, especially if you are forced to talk in a 2nd language, interviews are already hard in spanish ;)

    The Authors

  3. you're fired! and please, bring me a cofee before you gone