Giving myself a present

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  • julio 03, 2007

Last week, I went shopping with my sister. After a half hour of viewing and thinking what watch should I buy, finally I bought a traditionally formal, not very expensive one. After all, I only wanted a watch that hasn't "for kids" appearance. Whatever, my new clock fulfills all that.

It's not usual for me to give presents myself. I have a great resistance to spend my own money. Soon this morning, I asked to my father if would be a good idea to buy a new 20-inch TV for myself. Although I have a TV tuner on my computer yet, I thought that having a "real" TV would be convenient for viewing TV and DVDs -my PC monitor is only 15-inch- and will help to spend less on electricity. In addition, it's supossed that the day I will leave home is coming soon, thus it's not a bad idea to start buying goods that will be part of my future home.

Although, I still thinking that having a girlfriend even in my life is definitively better than all that...

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