Yes, I'm back (but don't tell to anyone)

  • Por William Hernández F.
  • junio 28, 2007

A couple years ago, I started to write in english as a way to practice this language. But later I abandonned it because of the lack of time and my low "productivity" on writing what I really wanted to write (instead of just write about things only if I knew how to write them). Now I'm realize that learning to speak and -as many people say- to "think" in english will be surely a very useful tool in my work life.

Nothing new. But evidently -for me- a truth.

Many companies today are considering as a very important requisite for its new employees a high knowledge of spoken english -reading is somewhat easy, but trying to understand to another person talking is still quite difficult for me-. I've had my best results listening to old cartoons and vintage media, possibly because in these times, people used to speak more clearly than today -50s and 60s TV advertising and cartoons like Charlie Brown and Snoopy are a good example of that-. Also, I've also tried to understand today's movies in original language -of course with spanish subtitles off-, but the results are not as good as I would.

Job interviews start in August. Luckily, the english language requisite won't apply to me for now, because I only want to get a place to do my professional practice.

I really love that old cartoons.

Photo by Stefanie of the Round Table.

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